Advanced Manufacturing Networking Meeting at University Of Ulster Magee Campus


Representatives from over 30 firms attended the Centre for Competitiveness Advanced Manufacturing Technology seminar with Ulster University Magee Campus, Londonderry on Tuesday the 14th April 2015. 

Participants were provided with information on new and emerging Manufacturing technologies and their potential application to business. Presentations included developments in areas such as RFID, Rapid Prototyping, 3D Printing, Total Energy Management Systems, form Seagate Technologies, Whale and the Engineering faculty at the university on how technology invests can help firms become more competitive and more agile, reduce waste, track Work In Progress (WIP), control inventory, reduce development time and cost, and gain a real competitive advantage.
Attendees were also given the opportunity to find out how they can tap into the knowledge of Ulster University expertise through a range of Government funded programmes. From initial £4,000 consultancy innovation vouchers to longer term, 60% of project funded programmes.


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