Award Winning Approaches


For Members only, we can provide a range of local and International Case Studies and Research Reports which highlight areas of Good and Best Practice against both the EFQM Fundamentals and the Excellence Model criteria. The following examples represent a sample of the information available.

Achieving Balanced Results

Grundfos Pumpenfabrik GmbH - Prize Winner (2011) Grundfos Pumpenfabrik GmbH (GWP) was formed in 1960 as an independent private limited company, a fully-owned subsidiary of GRUNDFOS FOUNDATION. The facility, based in Wahlstedt, Germany, is a production and logistics centre, providing a range of products and services to their customers. Their vision of “advantage through change” is demonstrated by their structure approach to gathering and understanding the drivers of change in their market. Theywere recognised with a Prize for “Achieving Balanced Results”

Taking responsibility for a Sustainable Future.

RED Electrica de Espana - Prize Winner (2012) Red Eléctrica is the sole transmission agent and operator of the Spanish electricity system. Its mission is to ensure the global functioning of the system guaranteeing at each moment the continuity and security of supply. They were awarded a Prize for “Taking responsibility for a Sustainable Future.”


Adding Value for Customers

Liverpool John Moores University - Prize Winner (2011) LJMU has put in place a series of processes which aim to create value for its customers, students and commercial customers.They engage actively with these stakeholders to design and offer those academic programmes and commercial products that make the difference. Feedback from these clients via the different types of annual survey is used  to monitor and improve performance. The outcome is also evident in the increase student application numbers.




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