On the 12th October 2015 the EFQM Excellence Awards were presented in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Northwood, Dublin, by Mr. Joe O’ Mahony, Chairman of the Centre for Competitiveness (Ireland)

The EFQM Business Excellence ceremony is a prestigious event that recognises the achievements of some of Ireland’s best-managed organisations.




EFQM_Awards_2015_092_Crop.jpgOn the 12th October 2015 the EFQM Excellence Awards were presented in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Northwood, Dublin, by Mr. Joe O’ Mahony, Chairman of the Centre for Competitiveness (Ireland)

The EFQM Business Excellence ceremony is a prestigious event that recognises the achievements of some of Ireland’s best-managed organisations.


This special occasion celebrated the success of 29 organisations throughout Ireland in the Hospitality, Financial, Retail, SME, and Public sectors who have achieved recognition for performance improvements on their quality journey measured against the European Excellence Framework - the most rigorous measurement of business performance excellence in Europe.

The Excellence Awards, managed by the Centre for Competitiveness, as the official Country Partner of the Brussels based European Foundation for Quality Management, benchmarks assesses, and recognises organisations that have demonstrated their commitment to business excellence as an integral part of what they do.




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One of the organisations, Friends First, Life Assurance, received the Ireland Excellence Award and the Lake Hotel Killarney received the EFQM 5 Star Excellence Award in its first application for accreditation.

The levels of recognition awarded to companies at the event included:

Ireland Excellence Award, Recognized for Excellence EFQM 5 Star, 4 Star and 3 Star Awards, the EFQM Committed to Excellence, and the EFQM Gold Star Service Excellence.

All  the organisations on their ‘Journey to Excellence’ undergo rigorous examination and must through the application of the EFQM Framework, illustrate, for example, excellence in employee management, strategic leadership, high productivity, high levels of customer satisfaction and overall superior business performance.

30,000, large and small organisations across Europe in the private, public and voluntary sectors have used the world class EFQM Model as their blueprint and driver for sustainable competitiveness. A number of organisations on the Island of Ireland, under the guidance of the Centre for Competitiveness, are also currently benchmarking themselves against the EFQM criteria, improving their international competitiveness and working towards achieving appropriate levels of recognition and accreditation.


The Chief Executive of the Centre for Competitiveness, Mr Bob Barbour, said:

 “This years’ award recipients represent a range of industries and sectors that have a commitment to the fundamental concepts of excellence as an integral part of what they do, so I warmly congratulate them on their achievements.  The critical success factors for businesses in the future will be business competitiveness through Innovation, Productivity, and Service Excellence, driven by professional standards and processes. This will ensure that the more discerning customer will support, and return to, those organisations where their expectations will not only be met—but exceeded.

 The organisations awarded today are all well on their way to exceeding their customers’ needs and expectations and setting a valuable benchmark for others to follow.

The benefits of EFQM accreditation are substantial as it provides an international symbol and benchmark of excellence; especially for tourism organisations, seeking to engage in the international leisure and business markets

Regardless of sector, size, structure or maturity, the EFQM framework is a powerful management tool providing organisations and their management,  with a keen sense of what needs to be done while establishing robust management and business systems through its powerful logic and practical help. It does this by measuring where they are on the Excellence road map; helping them understands the gaps, and apply innovative solutions”.

While the world class EFQM Excellence Framework is used by over 30,000 organisations throughout Europe, the Centre’s strategy is to encourage leaders in large and small businesses on the island of Ireland to benefit from its potential and significantly boost their international competitiveness.  The focus will be to promote and implement the EFQM Framework in a range of businesses and sectors, with a particular emphasis on improving leadership and management practices, organisational systems, processes and, business performance.Description: Macintosh HD:Users:stephenmcgill:Desktop:efqm:EFQM_Awards_2015_002.jpg

 Centre for Competitiveness (Ireland)

The Centre for Competitiveness (CforC) is an all-Island Organisation, with offices in Dublin and Belfast. It is  dedicated to actively supporting the development of an internationally competitive economy through innovation, productivity improvement and quality excellence  across arrange of sectors  and to build best -in- class performance through International Leadership across public and private organisations enabling them to grow, excel and be sustainable.


The Centre is the National Partner for the European Foundation for Quality Management, Brussels (EFQM) in Ireland and an active member of the Global Federation of Competitive Councils headquartered in Washington DC. It is also the strategic partner for ADS supply chain development and accreditation for aerospace, defence, security and space in Ireland and the PDMA partner connecting innovators worldwide. It is also the Ireland Partner for the China Overseas Research Institute (COTRI) accreditation in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure destinations for Chinese tourism to Ireland.

The Centre, through its range of business and management supports, services and programmes, enhances the quality, effectiveness and international competitiveness of organisations in the private, public and voluntary sectors, through Performance Management, Leadership Training, Innovation, Productivity Improvement and Business accreditation in key sectors of the economy in Ireland.

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Award Recipients include;

Ireland Excellence Award winner

·       Friends First, Dublin

EFQM Excellence -5 Star Award

·       The Lake Hotel Killarney

EFQM Excellence -4 Star Award

·       Crowne Plaza Dundalk

·       Pembroke Hotel Kilkenny

EFQM Excellence -3 Star Award

·       DPF Engineering Carlow

EFQM Committed to Excellence

·       Skylon Hotel

·       Westport Woods Hotel

EFQM Gold Star- Service Excellence

·   Sign & Digital Materials

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3.     CIPS

4.     Wicklow CIS

5.     Donegal CIS

6.     Dublin 2&4&6

7.     Dublin City Centre CIS

8.     Dublin 12 & 6 West CIS

9.     Kerry CIS

10.  Wexford MABS

11.  Meath MABS

12.  Sligo MABS

13.  Dundalk MABS

14.  North Donegal MABS

15.  North Galway MABS

16.   South Galway MABS

17.  Charleville MABS

18.  Monaghan  MABS

19.  Roscommon MABS


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