Getting Started with the EFQM Excellence Model


Starting to Implement the Excellence Model

Starting to implement the EFQM Excellence Model within your organisation usually starts with a simple self-assessment of your organisation against the EFQM Model.

CforC offers 3 different self-assessment tools for members that begin the journey:

1. The Quick Check An easy tool for self-assessment based on the 8 Fundamental Concepts. As the name implies, it can be completed relatively quickly (between 1 – 2 hours). You end up with a list of improvement areas linked to your strategic objectives. Members can access this tool by contacting

2. Simple Questionnaire This tool is based on the 9 criteria of the EFQM Model. An easy tool to use, it helps you to assess your organisation in more in detail than the Quick Check.

3. Determining Excellence A guide to an organisation’s first self-assessment, which incorporates the Criteria questionnairea scoring profile in conjunction with . Available for sale – contact

Starting to implement the Model at your organisation also involves making your colleagues familiar with EFQM terminology. Therefore CforC offers training opportunities for:

• Individuals to lead the implementation of an Excellence Programme.

• Management Teams with no previous experience of using the EFQM Excellence Model to take the first step.

For further detail on any of the Self-Assessment tools contact or on 02890737950



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