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Problems are like dandelions - if you don't get the root, they simply come back again!

Do you ever find yourself solving the same problems week after week?

Are your staff spending undue time fire fighting? Do the same issues and problems keep reappearing? These are things we are all too familiar with, and yet, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Do your staff know the difference between (i) Point of Cause (ii) Direct Cause and (iii) Root Cause? If they don’t, then you’ll always be solving the same problems time after time – they’ll never go away!
At the Centre for Competitiveness (CforC) we have designed an approach using structured problem solving techniques that are used in Quality Management Systems, originating in Japan, throughout the world by millions of companies. A selection of the more frequently used of these problem solving tools have been customised and brought together in an easy to use and high impact approach – 8D.

What is an 8D Problem Solving Method?
This 8D approach is built upon the approach to problem solving used throughout the world’s automotive industry, yet customised to suit Northern Ireland companies – from SME’s to large and everything in-between.
It incorporates 8 problem-solving tools designed to link together to provide an 8-step process (hence the name 8D) in a structured and systematic manner. This process is actually delivered through an 8D template that makes it easy and effective for people to do. It’s a little like “complete the 8 boxes on the template and you’ll solve the root cause of the problem”.

What Happens On The Day?
This one-day, highly interactive workshop will provide you with all the skills you need to use the CforC 8D Approach to Problem Solving. Delegates use the 8D template to solve a real problem as they go through the learning of all the individual tools. High emphasis is also placed upon the soft skills of problem solving team working, as it is in this area that the high impact benefits are won or lost. This means that, on the day, every delegate will have used the 8D approach and template to solve a real problem (which is not easy to solve!), thus building knowledge and confidence to lead and participate in 8D problem solving teams back at your organisation.
Each participant will take away with them: -
A grounded understanding of the critical few tools for successful root cause problem solving
An 8D template that can be used in the workplace the next day
Tips and suggestions for removing barriers and obstacles to problem solving
Increased confidence due to the successful application of the method with a workshop example

Who Would Benefit From This 8D Approach?
Owner-managers, managers at all levels in the organisation, especially team leaders, supervisors and middle managers. This 8D approach is suitable for ALL types of company or organisation, not just manufacturing, but also services of any description, public and voluntary sectors, in fact, any organisation that finds itself regularly fire fighting.
Complete the registration form , or for further information telephone: -

From Ireland call                048 9073 7950                
From Northern Ireland call 028 9073 7950
Or email compete@cforc.org 

In-House Option:
This workshop can also be delivered in house as a stand alone event or integrated into wider improvement activities. Please contact the Centre for further information.

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  • Date: 5th July
  • Start Time: 09.30 - 16.30
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Location:
  • Cost:
    Members: £295.00 (€334) + VAT, Non Members: £385.00 (€435) + VAT
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