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Why is it needed?

Increasingly, the IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group), the Aerospace Primes and the Tier-1 OEMs are promoting higher quality and delivery requirements and ever increasing and demanding standards of performance from their supply chain. The current launch of the AS9100:2016 series of standards brings many new aspects into play, and is an example of the changing aerospace landscape. The aerospace supply chain is global, bringing many new competitors and opportunities. Companies need to be consistently at their best to survive and thrive.

What is the Aerospace Implementation Programme?

The Aerospace Implementation Programme – AeroIPG®– is an approach to developing and building capability in an organisation and its people to enable them to more effectively compete and be successful in the aerospace and defence markets. It focuses on 5 core skills and capabilities that are drivers of success and transfers learning and skills development, in a blended approach to ensure full transfer to your people being self sufficient and fully implemented in the company for maximum benefit. Successful implementation will return bottom line rewards.

How does it work?

Companies sign up for the programme, and commit to: -

  1. Send 2 people to all 5 training modules
  2. Commit to either a 6-day or 10-day On-site consulting package
  3. Complete the implementation programme

Training, Learning and Development - the modules are all 2-days duration and delivered in consecutive days, and scheduled at around 1 module per month. Typically, this should take no longer than 5 months to complete. All modules focus on ‘AS Standards’ and accrue CPD points for IRCA-certified lead Auditors.

On-site Consulting – is delivered in either blocks of 6 or 10 man-days. From our experience it will take this amount of time and support to complete the transfer of skills and implement the improvements. It is a blend of consulting, improvement support and mentoring of key people and teams.

Who would benefit from it?

All companies that are active in the aerospace or defence sectors, supplying Primes or Tier-1 OEMs who are seeking to win new customers and grow their sales revenues and profit margins. In addition, those companies who have recently started to prepare to enter the aerospace market, and are in the early stages, would also benefit greatly from this structured approach to building capabilities.

How does it work? – there are two aspects to the programme (i) Learning and Development of your people – training, and (ii) on-site consulting to assist with application and to complete the learning process. This dual approach is proven to transfer the skills you need to ensure your people are self sufficient and to win early success with implementation.

Training, Learning and Development

  • AS9100 Internal Auditor Training
  • Aerospace APQP & PPAP – AS9145
  • Measurement Systems Analysis – AS13003
  • Aerospace Problem Solving – based on AS13000
  • Aerospace & Defence Risk Management & FMEA
  • By request, and where appropriate, the programme can start with the AS9100:2016 Foundation Course

On-site Consulting

On-site consulting is a blend of:

  • Consulting support on projects
  • Support for implementation
  • Mentoring of key people and teams
  • Consulting is delivered in either 6 or 10 day lots

How much does it cost?

Package A

  • 2 people x 5 modules x 2-days = 20 days of training, learning and Development
  • 6 man-days of On-site Consulting
  • Total 26 programme days
  • Package A Programme Cost = €7,800 (Equal to a discount of 34% - saving €4,600)

Package B

  • 2 people x 5 modules x 2-days = 20 days of training, learning and Development
  • 10 man-days of On-site Consulting
  • Total 26 programme days
  • Package B Programme Cost = €9,600 (Equal to a discount of 34% - saving €5,700)

Is there Selective Financial Support (SFA) available? – This programme may eligible for Enterprise Ireland (EI) support funding. Please get in contact with your EI Company Development Advisor to ascertain if and what support is available.

Who delivers it?

This is a joint venture between the Centre for Competitiveness [CforC] and TEC Transnational. TEC will provide the courses, tutor, delegate manuals and course 

materials, and deliver all the training. CforC will manage the programme and deliver all the On-site Consulting. This approach brings experts from 2 companies with many years experience and proven track records. and

Hyperlinks for information on the modules: Module info is published on the TEC website.


  • AS 9100 Internal Auditor Training
  • Aerospace Problem Solving – AS13000
  • Aerospace APQP & PPAP – AS9145
  • Aerospace & Defence Risk Mgt. & FMEA
  • Measurement Systems Analysis - AS13003
  • AS9100:2016 Foundation Course

Interested? then please contact CforC

Tel: +44 (0) 28 9073 7950 or email


  • Date: 31st July
  • Duration: 11 days
  • Location:
  • Cost:
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