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The Centre for Competitiveness has developed this vital one-day ‘invitation only’ conference to explore the challenges currently facing Northern Ireland manufacturers in developing the essential talent they need to support our industrial base.

Manufacturing currently employs 11 % of our work force yet just 6% of young people see it as a career option. This critical mismatch of need and supply is further compounded by 60% of manufacturers reporting growth.

Talent shortages are pushing salaries up to the point where reports indicate year on year increases of between 11% and 25%, making it a financially attractive sector to work in. Yet the breadth and depth of the technical and highly skilled career opportunities open to talent in Northern Ireland manufacturing is not widely known.

This event will examine how industry can attract, retain and retrain enough engineering, design, tech and shop-floor talent to support its increasing competitiveness, natural growth and transition to digital manufacturing.

The day will be focused around developing practical steps to attract new talent and retain existing employees.

Winning and keeping talent who might naturally gravitate towards a career in the other sectors (particularly the tech sector) will also be explored as will the role of post-primary schools and tertiary education in nurturing, educating and (re)/training this talent pipeline.

Our intention is that, following this conference, a ‘Manufacturing Talent Rules!’ working group will meet on a quarterly basis and will flesh out and help implement some of the constructive solutions to emerge from the workshops that will be running on the day.

We need to inspire the next generation of advanced manufacturing workers whilst supporting the career journeys of existing manufacturing talent and make sure that our economy remains underpinned by a modern, vibrant and enviable manufacturing base.

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  • Date: 6th June
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