The Pursuit of Excellence through inspiring organisations to achieve sustainable excellence by engaging leaders to learn, share and innovate using the EFQM Excellence Model.

Practically, this means that they have a clear understanding of who their stakeholders are and what they expect, they develop strategies to achieve or exceed these expectations, they achieve excellent results today, and they demonstrate that they can sustain this performance in the future by showing the causes of these results are understood and effectively managed.

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Use proven training courses and strategic improvement tools and techniques to improve performance.

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We have a range of Benchmarking tools that will assist you to compare your organisation with International best practice.

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The Centre for Competitiveness is the Country Partner for EFQM for Northern Ireland and Ireland. The Centre manages the Ireland Excellence Awards, and all the component awards - EFQM Prize Winner, EFQM Recognised for Excellence, EFQM Committed to Excellence, EFQM Gold Star for Service Excellence and EFQM Investor in Innovation. The Centre is also the country partner for COTRI - the Chinese Overseas Tourism Research Institute.

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We have a number of Ireland-wide Networks where companies with common interests meet and share insights and Best Practice.

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