Use proven training courses and strategic improvement tools and techniques to improve performance.

We have a range of tools and techniques that you can apply in your organisation to help you improve your operational performance and enhance overall performance.

Excellence is a key determinant of sustainability. Truly excellent organisations are able to demonstrate they have integrated and strategically focused planning processes, engaged and motivated employees, a high degree of process efficiency and trend based results. If you wish to further understand how well you manage performance we offer a range of services to help you take an integrated approach to managing and measuring improvement activity.

The EFQM Excellence Model provides a proven approach to assess your organisation against international role model attributes. We offer a range of assessment options depending on your organisation size and level of improvement maturity. There are also specific Customer and Employee surveys available to help focus on particular improvement areas.

As the EFQM Partner for Ireland we offer a range of training courses on the EFQM Excellence Model, including the Accredited Assessor training course. All courses focus on how to improve planning for Improvement activity and develop understanding of organisation capability.

What to do now
Our team has a proven track record of success in working with a range of improvement tools and techniques across organisations in all sectors.
For further information please email George.wilson@cforc.org or compete@cforc.org or call 02890737950 for guidance on how we can help you.

How it can benefit you

  • Capability development of managers.
  • Embedding continuous improvement within the organisation.
  • Understanding how the improvement process will deliver tangible benefits in line with strategic objectives.
  • Provide a disciplined approach for addressing short, medium and long-term objectives.


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