Use new and fresh thinking to drive your business forward.

We have a range of innovation tools and methods that you can apply in your company or organisation that will immediately start to drive your innovation processes and increase the amount of new value created.

Innovation is an active, action-oriented, doing activity. It consists of a series or activities that staff, customers, suppliers and stakeholders engage in, that together generate, capture and develop ideas and new thinking into new products and services that customers, both existing and new, want to purchase or use.

Innovation can take many forms - for example, one of the most popular approaches to innovation is problem solving. At the Centre we have four very distinct approaches to problem solving. Another popular approach to innovation is new product/service design (NPD), or improvement. We have access to international Best Practice approaches to NPD. Innovation skills and expertise can be applied to any opportunity, problem or challenge. Our innovation teams approach, TIGER teams (Teams Innovating Generate Extra Revenue) has been very successful in helping companies and organisations from all sectors to create new and exciting solutions.

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How it can benefit you

  • All our tools and methods are trusted and proven to work
  • We have many case studies of good practice demonstrating real results and business impact
  • Learn how to use creativity practically in the workplace
  • Release your people to lead and participate in innovation teams and projects
  • Fresh thinking and paradigm busting – helping your people move to the next level

An Innovation Pipeline Approach

Identify Opportunity
Generate Ideas
Business Case