Our community of innovators creates the wellspring for new knowledge for how to create new marketplace value. We live in more than 50 countries and work in enterprises ranging from global corporations to new Web 2.0 "start-ups" spanning across more than 17 industries.

The PDMA community is woven from a fabric of practicing professionals, academic researchers, professors and students and those service providers that support corporations with their innovation and product development expertise. We are passionate about extending the reach and impact of our leading-edge research and best practices.

In our community, we have members who have joined to be successful with a new or on-going innovation, product development or management assignment, and we have other members who have joined to support successful life-long careers. Since the application of principles, tools and processes for the practice and management of innovation are today being applied in every business area, we increasingly find that while someone may join to become more effective in a new job, they often remain for their professional lifetime!

If you are an innovator (or would like to meet some), attend one of our UK/Ireland events or network meetings in your area. PDMA conferences are a great place to cross paths with innovation colleagues from across all sectors and industries, from industry practitioners to academics and subject matter experts. We have almost 500 PDMA members in our UK and Ireland Network, with over 100 of these members based in Ireland/Northern Ireland. We have over 3500 members world-wide!

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If you would like more information, please contact Adrian Gundy on +44(0)28 9073 7950 or email adrian.gundy@cforc.org.

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