The SC21 Award Recognition Process

We are the appointed Strategic Partner for ADS for Ireland and Northern Ireland. We can deliver all SC21 training, assessments, improvement activity and recognition awards. We are a good first point of call, and in fact, a complete one-stop shop. 

The UK aerospace industry is the world's second largest aerospace industry and is worth over £24bn in annual revenue. The UK has an opportunity to benefit from tomorrow's growth in the civil aerospace market, and through the Centre for Competitiveness, Irish, and Irish-based, companies have a route into accessing this market through engaging in the SC21 Award Recognition Programme. 

If you would like more information please contact Adrian Gundy on +44(0)28 9073 7950 or email

How it can benefit you

  • ADS Partner Ireland-wide
  • ADS - Aerospace, Defence and Security markets in UK
  • We offer the full range of SC21 and AS9100 services
  • SC21 Recognition of Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards
  • Develop your business as a supplier to ADS markets in UK
  • Internal processes benchmarked against external Best and Better Practice performance
  • Demonstration of good performance for your customers and service users
  • Influence and build brand and reputation with your stakeholders

The SC21 Award Recognition Process