Through providing the tools and systematic approach for the successful exploitation of new ideas or inventions into goods and services that creates new value or for which customers will pay.

Innovation is a process which begins with a scan of the external environment to identify opportunities for growth and new activities whilst, at the same time, encouraging, capturing and developing the ideas and fresh thinking of the organisation's people. The next stage is to combine these factors, and design them into new solutions and offerings that meet, exceed and surprise the market, and create new and tangible value for all those involved. Innovation differs from invention in that invention refers more directly to the creation of the idea or method itself. Innovation differs from improvement in that improvement refers to the idea of doing something better, cheaper or faster.




We have a range of benchmarking tools that will assist you to compare your company with International and European Best Practice.

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Use new and fresh thinking to drive your business forward.

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The SC21 Award Recognition Process

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We have a number of Ireland-wide Networks where companies with common interests meet and share insights and Best Practice.

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