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Smart Grid Ireland has been formed as a non-profit public and private sector collaborative network.

The network aims to position Ireland as a leader in the development of smart grids for the transformation of the energy sector, and to provide a stimulus for job creation.  It will offer a forum for dialogue and support to meet the specific needs of the Irish market, both North and South.

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Why Smart Grids Are Needed in Ireland

  • The three main drivers of energy policy across the world - energy security, affordability and climate change - have created a paradigm shift in how electricity networks are designed, built and operated, particularly with the convergence of ICT and traditional electricity networks. In addition, customers are becoming more involved in the energy system, not just for energy savings but as producers as well.
  • This has given rise to the concept of Smart Grid and a new ecosystem of industry participants, adding ICT companies, data management and data analytics to the existing traditional players.
  • New technologies and techniques are continually emerging and being developed to meet the challenges, and no one sector or industry has all the answers.
  • In addition, there are specific challenges unique to individual countries which require tailored responses.

Partner Benefits

- Establish a consensus, industry view of the network challenges that smart grids could help address and therefore the likely features and   functionality that would characterise a Smart Grid within the UK / Ireland and European context.

- Ascertain the level of international experience of smart grids to date and future plans, in particular taking account of developments in Europe.

- Establish, at a high level, whether any unintended barriers exist to the development of smarter networks and if they do propose ways to address them

- Galvanize stakeholders to translate policy into action and change through collaborative networking.

- Propose research, development and deployment opportunities that should be pursued in the immediate future to ensure that our networks companies are fully prepared to deploy smarter solutions as they become necessary or beneficial.

- Determine the high level costs and benefits of developing smart grids in terms of government policy objectives (carbon budgets and renewable targets, prices, targets), security of supply and business benefits of developing the technology and developing SGI expertise on smart grid technology.

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Key Contact Details

Tony Carroll
Chief Executive Officer

Innovation Centre

Ni Science Park

Belfast. BT3 9DT