Growth through the effective and efficient use of resources to maximise income, improve competitiveness, customer satisfaction and achieve greater output per unit of input.  

Improving productivity can be a challenge if not approached in a structured and systematic way. Break-through productivity improvement can be achieved and continuously improved using a range of tools, behaviours specific to the task on hand. It is here that the Centre for Competitiveness can provide you with help that works. The Centre for Competitiveness has experienced professionals who are able to provide guidance in the use of a range of hands-on productivity tools and techniques, supported by online access to tools and methods for members only.

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Benchmarking is the process of identifying "best practice" in relation to both products and the processes by which those products are created and delivered.

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Use benchmarking to drive your business performance.

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European Benchmark Scores, Recognition and Awards.

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Centre for Competitiveness Report 2017 and Outlook 2018

A Driving force for Innovation & Excellence in Business

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We have a number of Ireland-wide Networks where companies with common interests meet and share insights and Best Practice.

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