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By focussing our Excellence strategy on three key elements - our organisation, our people and our customers - Bryson has become an award-winning leader in the UK charitable organisation sector.

Bryson has 4 main drivers for change, which has led to changing strategic direction, growth in services and major internal structure/process change, which are:

Strategic Planning & Performance Reviews
Ongoing environmental scanning
Excellence strategy

About Bryson Charitable Group

Bryson was established in 1906 by responding to the social care needs of those in poverty in the city of Belfast. It operates out of 29 locations across Northern Ireland and Donegal. Bryson has been the leading charity in Northern Ireland for over 100 years and has remained at the forefront of service delivery in an ever-changing social environment.

It is a unique social enterprise due to the diversity of services provided across Northern Ireland and Rol. It is structured into 7 social business units, operating in a range of markets: Bryson Care, Bryson CareWest, Bryson Energy, Bryson FutureSkills, Bryson Intercultural, and Bryson Recycling.

Our Excellence Journey

Our Excellence Strategy focuses on three elements: our organisation, our people and our customers.

We have moved substantially away from the traditional position of a “charity” with a debilitating dependence on handouts from the public and Government or short-term Trust grants. Instead we tender and contract for services with a focus on the quality and appropriateness of our work and a commitment to cost-efficiency and innovation. We hold corporate accreditations for quality management in Investors in People and EFQM and Business Unit accreditations for ISO, CSE, IQRS and RQIA.

The environmental review process every 3 years is essential in maintaining Bryson’s growth trajectory. It keeps us close to our stakeholders and enables us to understand and anticipate their needs and expectations so that we remain responsive to change or developments.

We continually look for innovative ways to take advantage of technology to improve our services and to deliver our Vision, Mission and strategy.

Our chief Executive won Social Enterprise Leader UK in 2011, warding off significant competition from England, Scotland and Wales. Bryson was also awarded with the very prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development. Furthermore, we won Best Social Enterprise in the PwC Private Business awards in London.



  • 5 Awards which show our assessment of the effectiveness of our activities since 2010.
  • Environmental (ISO 14001) and Health and Safety Performance (OHSAS 18001) recognitions in Bryson Energy and Bryson Recycling.
  • 34% reduction in reportable accidents and a 14% reduction in total accidents.
  • A turnover in excess of £34M.
  • In the top 2% of Northern Ireland companies.
  • Derives 95% of its income from contracts.
  • Spends 94.8p in every pound on service delivery.
  • Gold 2013 IiP and Ireland Excellence Award Winner 2013 for EFQM.
  • Re-accreditation as an Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Centre.
  • Investors in People (IiP) feedback report

    "The Growth of the Group is undoubtedly linked to the visionary capabilities and inspirational leadership style of the Executive Team. In particular, people interviewed referred to the strong value base and inspirational approach of the Chief Executive and the passion displayed to drive success."