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These excellent organisations are role models for our community. EFQM 'share what works' and we can all learn from them.

You will find in this book the list of 208 and 278 organisations which were rewarded respectively Committed to Excellence and Recognised for Excellence during the last 12 motnhs, year 2013. We congratulate them for their efforts and the dedication of their teams. EFQM are proud to recognise in this booklet a very diverse group of organisations. Some are SME's, some larger entities from across many sectors, private, public and voluntary and from 7 different countries. Yet they all have one thing in common - they are relentess in their Pursuit of Excellence.

Down load the book here.


  • Learn from other organisations successful Best and Better Practices
  • Get benchmark and comparisons to use back in your own organisation
  • Raed about insights and tips/advice from people who have actually 'done it'
  • Identify contacts for future networking and sharing 
  • Marc Amblard, Chief Executive Officer, EFQM

    "These excellent organisations are role models for our community."