Limavady Borough Council

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The Council and the Centre worked in partnership on a Service Excellence programme for the area's hospitality sector.

The Council and the Centre worked in partnership on a programme to increase service culture and quality in the hospitality sector through a custom designed and deployed Service Excellence programme with 8 local businesses. The business' were taken from a range of different areas including horse riding, bed and breakfast, coffee shop, hotel and adventure games. 

The businesses completed a custom designed programme, the EFQM Gold Star Service Excellence programme. This process had 4 principal stages (i) Benchmark assessment against European Best Practice (ii) Identifying gaps and areas of weaker performance, an Improvement Action Plan was developed (iii) Mentoring was used for each participant to help them effectively deploy and execute their action plan, and (iv) a 1-day Validation visit to validate the progress and improvement was made. 


All the participating companies benefited from ther programme, with 5 of them being awarded the prestigious EFQM Gold Star. These were: -

  • Cafe Piazza, Limavady
  • Drenagh Estate, Limavady
  • Faughanvale Stables, Gresteel
  • Foylehov, Limavady
  • Keady View Farm B & B, Limavady
  • Paul Beattie. Economic Development Officer

    "This was a very successful business improvement programme. All the participating businesses benefitted greatly with 5 of them being recognised as Gold Star. We look forward to working with the Centre again."