Schlumberger Completions Product Centre, Belfast

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Schlumberger Belfast has 2 core business areas (Core completions and Reservoir Monitoring and Control systems) that have risen the total sales Revenue generation by 137% and 117% respectively.

CPCB is an organisation committed to Excellence and defining world-class standards.

About CPCB

Schlumberger Completions Product Centre Belfast (CPCB), which is part of the EMS Group, began manufacturing oil & gas well completions equipment in 1958 in Northern Ireland and today produces a range of high tier equipment including Flow Control Valves, Production Packers, Gauge Carriers, Multilateral Junctions, Sand Control Tools and Accessories which are used to control flow within oil and gas wells. This equipment is built using complex precision components to customer specific quality plans.

A manufacturing facility has existed in the community since 1958. The first factory was located 3 miles from the current location. The present factory, opened in 1968, has provided sustainable employment for the local community. CPCB has provided employment to the local community over its 40+ years of existence. Currently employing 193 people with significant recruitment planned in 2012 (between 5% to 10%).

Our Excellence Journey

Business goals are set annually using a Hoshin plan / strategic deployment process. This has been in use since 2010 and provides a systematic way of identifying and prioritizing areas for improvement, while ensuring that all of our efforts are focused on our goals. Actions are cascaded down thorough the organisation using a Tier level Hoshin implementation and individual objectives.

The CPCB 2015 Vision was created in 2010 as a result of a workshop involving the management team working together with representation of employees from all levels of the organisation. In 2011, an improvement opportunity survey was launched with 80 employees and input received from 60. As a result, local management modified the vision to achieve the status of Integration Centre within Schlumberger. An Integration Centre would have responsibility for the entire life cycle of a product including new product development.

In August 2011, we rolled out the programme “Recognition of Excellence", to recognise and applaud our employees. It has the following categories: People, HSE, Customer Focus, Quality and Quick Response in line with our Vision and Strategy; and there are four levels of award: WOW, Excellent, Well done and Thank you.


  • In 2011 record low scrap rate 2% cost of Goods.
  • Ireland Excellence Award Winner 2012.
  • Achievement of objectives in line with Hoshin Plan.
  • Improved scores in InvestNI health check, that shows the regular benchmarking exercise.
  • Maintain accreditation to ISO 14001 (since 1996) and 9001 standards.
  • Significant improvement in every area.
  • Recognition as an Investor in People for over 10 years. In 2011, we achieved our Bronze award, and in 2012 we received a Silver award.
  • More than 365 Days without a loss time accident.
  • Dramatically reduction in our carbon footprint by around 50% in 2011 over 2010.
  • Investors in People (IiP) report, 2012

    "Good practice is indeed evident across a range of areas and during the review a total of 132 evidence requirement were met. Following the site visit I have no hesitation in recommending that CPCB continues to be recognised as an Investor in People. Furthermore, it is recommended that the organisation should be recognised at Silver level. This is indeed a significant achievement and the entire team at CPCB are to be congratulated for their achievement and commended for their commitment to striving for a excellence across all areas."