Triangle Housing Association Limited

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Triangle Housing Association has been a their Continuous Improvement journey for over 5 years.

Triangle Housing Association's efforts to continuous improvement have been rewarded through receiving the EFQM all Ireland ‘Mark of Excellence’ Award, the Investors in People new Standard and excellent reports from their regulators and Inspectors.

Triangle is a non profit making charitable agency as well as being a registered housing association with the Department for Social Development in Northern Ireland. They have been building homes, providing support and creating possibilities for over 30 years.

About Triangle Housing Association

Triangle has been a registered housing association with the Department for Social Development in Northern Ireland since 1977. It is a non-profit making charity which provides supported accommodation, family housing and specialised care and support services for tenants across the country. They have grown from the first employee in 1979 to more than 200 people, with over 800 service users supported.

The organisation is proud of defending the values of promoting choice, dignity, respect, empowerment and inclusion. Their vision is a society where people are given the power to take decisions that improve their quality of life.

The objectives of their project are:

  • To create sustainable growth through strong financial management.
  • To deliver excellence for everyone affected by their services.
  • To enable their people to meet current and future challenges.
  • To improve key processes supporting organisational success.

Our Continuous Improvement Milestones

Initially, the organisation was an independent non-profit making charity managed by a board of elected shareholders who served on a voluntary basis. When they started to work in partnership with several Aid associations in 1979, they realised they needed paid staff for further accommodation to be provided.

From 1995 to 2000, the organisation initiated a strategic planning process to provide sufficient time to fully assess and establish their strategies for the future. To meet the requirements of being able to demonstrate continuous improvement, Triangle embarked upon implementing Best Value Reviews, Investor in People Standards and the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Steps to Excellence Model as a framework on which to base their future service delivery.

Triangle faces various challenges, of which the most important are the reduction of the Government spending accompanied by the increase in bureaucracy. The organisation compares their services systematically with other associations participating in the Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations benchmarking club and common interest group facilitated by the Centre for Competitiveness. Thanks to these and their seeking for improvement they are well prepared to overcome these and any other possible difficulties that could appear in the coming years.


  • Making of successful bids, developing, revising and expanding programmes and services based on strategic knowledge of developments and opportunities within the housing and support services market.
  • 80% of partners consider that Triangle’s processes and systems are in place and working effectively.
  • 87.4% of staff feel they are supported in maintaining a reasonable balance between work and personal life.
  • 94.7% of staff believe Triangle is committed to developing their skills and abilities appropriate to job role resulting in a highly skilled workforce.
  • Low level of customer complaints with Total Rent Arrears 4% below the NI Average.
  • Awarded with Investors in People, Employer of Choice, Customer Service Excellence and have been the first to secure the Investor in People Health and Well-Being Awards.
  • EFQM NI Quality Award Winner 2012.
  • Equal Lives Report, 2005

    "People with a learning disability are valued citizens and must be enabled to use mainstream services and be fully included in the life of the community."