About Us

The Centre for Competitiveness is a not-for-profit business improvement organisation

We help organisations from the private, public and voluntary sectors to be more competitive, enabling them to grow, excel and be sustainable.

We are a not for profit, self-financing membership organisation operating in Northern Ireland and Ireland. We support our members to build their Competitive Advantage through our global networks and local partners and the design and delivery of business consultancy services, projects and programmes.

The Centre's exceptional reputation stems from over 20 years' experience in Continuous Improvement and a proven ability to innovate and integrate people and processes productively.

The focus on results-based solutions brings about increased competitiveness, process and practice improvements, as well as substantial savings for our clients.

Training Workshops and Executive/Team Leader Coaching, EFQM European Best Practice and innovative Accelerating Change strategies support the drive for client enablement and sustainable results.

The Centre maintains strong links with research bodies, top business and management schools — such as Queens University Belfast, University of Ulster, Stanford University — and renowned international academic experts, to ensure continuous testing of new methodologies.

The Centre has established International Partnerships with bodies such as European Foundation for Management (EFQM), Product Development Managers Association (PDMA), Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils (GFCC), Benchmark Index, IMPr3ove and SmartGridIreland (SGI)







该中心与欧洲管理基金会(EFQM)、产品开发经理协会(PDMA)、全球竞争力理事会(GFCC)、基准指数、IMPr3ove和SmartGridIreland (SGI)等机构建立了国际合作关系。

Our People

To better support the needs of its growing Ireland-wide community, the Centre has also established a well-integrated and balanced set of skills via a team of professional business partners throughout the island. All have extensive hands-on experience in the implementation of world-class competitiveness programmes and the facilitation of multi-level change.

Continuous involvement in the implementation and testing of new methodologies, regular training and close links with international thought leaders ensure that our people retain their competitive edge.



How we can help you...

  • Gain access to European Best Practice libraries and case studies
  • Get early notice of global trends and developments
  • Keep up to date with the latest thinking
  • Learn from leading organisations through company study visits
  • Learn and share through our Ireland-wide network events
  • Connect with like-minded professionals Ireland-wide, to share and learn
  • Make interesting and worthwhile business contacts
  • Develop your ideas – make use of our free independent advisory service


Bob Barbour

Director and Chief Executive

Dr Tony Lenehan

Executive Director Ireland

Susan Cleland

Deputy CEO

Lorraine Branagh

Financial Officer

George Wilson

Senior Executive


Stephen Ritchie

Associate Consultant

Rosemary Enright-Hodgson

Associate - Consultant & Gold Star Adviser

Agnes Doyle

Associate - Consultant & Gold Star Adviser

Marie Doyle-Henry

Associate - Consultant & Gold Star Adviser

Diane Allen

Associate - Consultant & Gold Star Adviser

Tom Martin

Associate - Consultant & Gold Star Adviser

Julie Allen

Associate - Consultant & Gold Star Adviser